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Dixa Leadership Summit

In April, our client partner had the privilege of attending the Leadership Summit hosted by Dixa Connect in London. This event was a fantastic opportunity to gain insights from seasoned professionals from renowned brands such as Bloom & Wild, Beauty Pie, Lush and Monica Vinader to name a few.

This event was held at the beautiful venue of the Old Sessions House in Farringdon, which provided the perfect setting to mingle and network with a variety of people from the CX space.

The Dixa Connect team had planned a busy agenda which started off with a presentation from their CEO, Mads Fosselius on ‘Building a Customer Friendship’. He highlighted the importance of this by saying “Customers with service failure and a successful recovery will be more loyal than customers who have a successful service with no failure and recovery,” which was then closely followed by a topic that was popular at this event, AI Chatbots. Mads said that “Humans will become super agents and bots will become AI agents, leaving the human agents to resolve 25-30% more advanced queries,”. Mads closed with the statement “Profit growth comes from increasing value, not decreasing price, it lies in experience led growth. Shift your CS organisation from being a cost centre, to a value generator,”.

The stage was then opened to Jade Roberts from Monica Vinader, Rhys Howells from Rapha and Govind Hodgeson from Dixa for a fireside chat discussing ‘How the fastest growing companies in the UK win customer loyalty’. Govind opened the discussion by asking “Loyalty – what does it mean, who owns the loyalty and customer experience?” and this was answered by Rhys who stated “Linking CSAT to metrics will ultimately get your C Suite to buy in to the importance of the customer experience,” Jade from Monica Vinader added to this by stating “CX exists as a function outside of customer care, loyalty as a brand is having people at the table who can voice what customers are saying,”.

The next panel to take the stage was Naomi Rankin from LUSH and Sham Aziz from SentiSum to discuss ‘Human Powered Service in the age of Chat GPT’. Sham made a statement that left the audience with a lot of food for thought, “The true meaning of a brand is when people are positively talking about your brand when you’re not in the room,”. Naomi made some very relevant points relating to customers and the importance of consistent levels of communication with your customers, she said “Customers love our brand, they receive the same service whether that be on the shop floor or with customer service, the great thing about this is they will tell us when we get it wrong too,”.

Next up was another fireside chat with Natasha Ratanshi-Stein from Surfboard and Chandni Bhatt from Beauty Pie with the topic being ‘Surfing towards growth: Beauty Pie’s CX Strategy Unveiled’. When discussing the implementation of Beauty Pie’s ChatBot ‘Bonita’, Chandni said “Our agents are feeling more empowered as they are no longer doing admin tasks- our bot Bonita is,”.  Natasha asked Chandni “Is there anything you wouldn’t touch with automation?” and Chandni responded with “Skincare regimes, these are so bespoke and personal that I do not think they could be automated. We would like to innovate around this, maybe video calls,”. Siobhan Taylor from Ohme and Isobel Mills from Bloom & Wild then took the stage to discuss how to ‘Amplify your influence at the leadership table’. Siobhan discussed how important culture was and the nurturing of your team. Isobel also shared her incredible career journey, which was a nod to servant leadership through real life examples. Siobhan made an incredible point to sum up the conversation, “Take every opportunity to learn is my biggest piece of advice. I have focused on learning to navigate around different people,”.

The day concluded with an engaging presentation by the Dixa team surrounding the collaboration of AI and QA. Dragos covered multiple metrics that AI can be used to measure to free up members of the QA’s team time, including AHT, ticket volume handled per time unit, ROAR (resolved automation rate) and CSAT.

This was followed by an enjoyable networking drinks session. As the drinks flowed, we had the chance to reconnect and delve into the highlights of the day’s events. It provided a wonderful opportunity to engage with the panellists and exchange thoughts and questions.

We would like to thank the Dixa team for orchestrating on such an engaging and relevant event, and to all of the panellists for the thought provoking discussions spanning a variety of topics, we thoroughly enjoyed attending!!

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